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The Saxhorns group is the example  of confusing writing   previously discussed

This group has historically been  subjected to addition and subtraction of instruments but the most common range includes

Flugelhorn Eb (or sopranino)

Flugelhorn Bb ( soprano or contralto )

Alto Saxhorn Eb ( or Ténor Horn)

Baritone Bb  ( or Tenor Horn)

Basse Bb

Contrabass Eb
Contrabass BBb

Their theoretical range is similar to the trumpet one .Actually only Flugelhorn (Bb) and Baritone have a satisfying full range   when played by a concertist.

All flugelhorns and Alto Saxhorn (Eb) share the same standard range but the Eb small flugelhorn is really efficient in a smaller range (One octave (E-E) .

Since these instruments are dedicated to the upper parts they logically use the treble clef

Bass and contrabass saxhorns (standard range below) playing the bass line are logically written with bass clef.

However Baritone (also  named tenor and therefore written with treble clef) sharing Bass register a single sound are differently written ,while Bb Bass using the same written note and clef  as BBb contrabass sound differently .


1 Flugelhorn Eb -2 Flugelhorne Bb 3 Alto (tenor Eb horn)                                          4-Contrabass Eb 5-Contrabasse BBb


An historical  ambiguïty   results  from  the old classification;   Baritone  beeing   considered as a  Bass should had been written with  bass clef

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