Mirror of chromatic scales

A chromatic scale may received a mirror whose any note can act as pivot but the mirror has to be in the tonality of the whole tone scale. Only the first half of a chromatic scale appear in one direction as pivot so the original chromatic scale must have to separated part

  • from tonic to triton
  • from triton to tonic
  • In the descending chromatic scale the slope of the pivots line is inverted.

    All tonalities of the mirror are available thanks to another chromatic scale starting on C# that provides the second whole tone scale.

    Caution:E scale as mirror is different from the E chromatic scale.
    Here the E scale is the mirror of a C chromatic scale with D as pivot

    Now E is the mirror of a E chromatic scale with two pivots E and Bb

    Therefore to start a chromatic scale with another degree one must define the whole tone scale and the triton