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Roaming around the Pere Lachaise cemetery

vendredi, mars 31st, 2017

Roaming around the Pere Lachaise cemetery       is  a symphonic poem that doesn’t fall into any classical form in the likeness of this graveyard.

Actually  the original pleasure garden style  cemetery were enlarged  by a  more conventional cemetery Plan-sepultures-Pere-Lachaise  that blurts the whole logic.

In the original part of the cemetery , laid the founders of the national conservatory  created between 1793 and 1795 (end  of the revolution)

  • Gossec -a Mozart’s friend 
  • Mehul who composed « Le chant du départ »- French hymn during Napoleon the first’s period
  • Gretry
  • Cherubini
  • and Lesueur (Berlioz’s teacher)

The conservatory , entrusted to evolve music theory ans instrumental  treatises, was the combination of the royal  school of chant and declamation and the Military police’s music corpse which explains the music style of the French school.

Three other theorists are buried  there 

  • Catel
  • Reicha- a Beethoven’s friend
  • and the Harmony French school’s reference Reber


A large part of the original cemetery is dedicated to Napoleon ‘s army officers  while a more recent part of  graveyard   reminds the 1870 insurrection and the World War II holocaust.

The martial style of some sections of this symphonic poem results from those facts .